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What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?


Who am I ?

RTT is an award winning therapy originally developed by Marissa peer, its an outstanding combination of Neurolinguistic Programing ( NLP)  , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ) , Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. RTT enables you to uncover the meaning and interpretation you attached to past events and experiences, helps rewire your  subconscious mind to create new thought patters and it aids in changing the thinking behind your actions.

Hello, Im Basma Alsaad and im so happy your here!

I am A Rapid Transformational Therapist. I provide loving guidance to uncover beliefs that no longer serve a person. I free people from mental and emotional pain. Together we hack the subconsious mind and understand what blockages my be keeping you stuck, we then create new thought patterns that make your future brighter. 

What is the Process of working with me?

30 min free call

Schedule a session

Personalized Audio Recording

We schedule a 30 min free phone call where we chat and discover more about your life and issues you're facing. This gives you and me the chance to decide if working together is benefitial.

We schedule a session which takes about 1.5 - 2 hours, this session can be conducted via Zoom or in person. 

After the session you are given a personalised recording to listen to for the next 21 days. 


The Journey Towards Happiness Begins on the Path of Self Discovery. Begin Your Journey Today.

What Clients say after working with me?

Basma's Session was lovely. I really felt that she listened and heard my issues and was very caring. when leading me through the experience it was easy to make the connection through my past experiences, and really showed me clearly the root of my problem that I wanted to heal. I felt a strong connection with her and she really was compassionate and wanted to help me through my issues.


بسمة وايد ساعدتني اتعدى على مخاوفي وزادت عندي الثقة بنفسي وافهمت شنو مشكلتي من أول جلسة. خلتني أقوى من قبل وأقدر أواجه الناس بطريقة حلوة. وصرت أعرف نفسي أكثر وشنو اللي ابي بالضبط وكانت جدا مريحة وسهلة بالتعامل.


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